Racetrailers Motorsport

All our living rooms are custom made. The design and functioning is developed and engineered for each customer separately.

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Exclusive Car Transporters

Getrex Special Products BV is an experienced source
for professionally custom built Transporters for carrying road and competition cars.

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Hydraulic Floors

We deliver several types of 2nd floors. full hydraulic or hydraulic with cables.

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FleXXbox Containers

This invention is patented, and shall be launched at the end of this year.

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Special construction

Special construction includes 3,500 kg trailers, special trucks as well as high quality event containers. This section is very broadly oriented and makes custom built units for different sectors.

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Getrex Special Products BV is developing and producing custom-made transporters and containers.

  • Race trailers- transporters
  • Car and Motorcycle and prototype transporters
  • Tires transport and handling
  • Events
  • Food processing
  • Medical transporter including treatment
  • Valuable goods transportation
  • FleXXBox container system


The highest quality components and materials in the production of the transporters are used and they are built to the closest tolerances. We fit only the best products. Advanced technology and high quality products have over the last years greatly increased our market share, with many satisfied customers. Our clientele includes factory teams and teams of large well-known sponsors.

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This invention is an transport container developed for healthcare, army, motorsport and also horse transport.

This unit can lift itself off a normal container chassis. The unit itself can be lowered to ground level, so there will be a minimal height difference.

For more information see drawnings and movies.